October 28, 2021

The Amazon Effect

Transport is in a terrifying race to the bottom because the ‘Amazon Effect’ is smashing good, secure transport jobs. The Federal Government could fix the problem – but Scott Morrison is refusing to act.

The Amazon Effect is smashing good jobs in road transport and creating an industry that is less secure and more deadly.

Through their exploitative sham contracting arrangements which operate outside our industrial relations system, the likes of Amazon and Uber are undercutting the industry and forcing other operators to attack their workers to remain competitive.

Gig economy exploitation forces workers to drive longer, take less breaks and take more risks.

Trucking is already Australia’s deadliest industry – on average, one truck driver dies on the job every 10 days.

Our roads will only get more deadly if the job security and safety conditions transport workers rely on are ripped out from under them by the Amazon Effect.


Amazon’s track record


Since Amazon arrived in Australia, it has already shown its anti-union, anti-worker tactics.

The company has:

Called police to block the TWU from inspecting conditions

Sacked dozens of drivers after they’d spoken to the TWU

Failed to train workers on safety

An ABC investigation also revealed more of the shocking conditions at Amazon. You can watch the video here.

We cannot allow the likes of Amazon to keep dragging down standards in road transport.


The Federal Government must act

A landmark Senate report recently recommended the Federal Government establish an independent body to create and enforce minimum standards in road transport.

Regulation like this would stop the Amazon Effect in its tracks.

However, the Federal Government has so far failed to act on these important recommendations, allowing the race to the bottom is speed ahead and put decent transport jobs and safety standards at risk.

Workers and the community need a secure and safe transport industry.

Click here to stand with workers in their fight by sending Scott Morrison a message to clean up the industry by implementing the Senate recommendations.


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