TWU Pilots

Welcome to TWU Pilots.

TWU Pilots is a specialist division of the Transport Workers’ Union.  It was formed following the merger of the Virgin Independent Pilot’s Association (VIPA) and TWU pilot members.  With it, VIPA brings 15 years of specialist pilot representation and industrial experience.

What’s most important to remember is that you, our members, are the union. Your voices will decide the direction of TWU Pilots, and we are always stronger when we are together.

We’ll use our collective strength to improve pay and conditions for pilots, and hold the Federal Government and companies to account.

We also know that other aviation workers face similar challenges in their jobs. That’s why by being part of TWU Pilots, you’ll also be joining a collective that fights to lift standards right across the aviation industry.

We’re fighting for a safe and secure aviation industry. We’re fighting for secure employment and equitable and sustainable conditions that allow you to plan your lives with confidence and spend time with those who matter most.

If you’re after loss of licence insurance, call 1800 116 460 (option 5) or email lolprotection@twu.com.au


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