March 30, 2019

The problem with ALDI

Transport workers know how important safety is to our communities. Unfortunately, Aldi would rather silence them in a court case than listen to their safety concerns.

What part does Aldi play in safety in transport?

When wealthy retailers like Aldi squeeze transport, drivers are pressured to work longer hours, speed and skip mandatory rest breaks to get the job done. But Aldi refuses to acknowledge or address the risks to safety they cause in their supply chain. In fact, Aldi took the TWU to the Federal Court in an attempt to silence truckies speaking out on safety.

Coles and Woolworths have signed charters with the TWU to ensure safety in their transport supply chains. It’s time for Aldi to come to the table.

Last year alone, 60 transport workers were killed on the job.

Transport workers serve a claim on Aldi

Transport workers angry at Aldi’s refusal to address safety in their supply chains have spoken out at nationwide protests. They’re demanding Aldi puts safety first, by committing to agreed standards throughout their supply chains including:

  • Safe rates of pay and conditions for all workers
  • Contracts awarded based on safety not cost


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