March 12, 2019

Coles signs ground-breaking agreements

Coles has committed to ensuring safe and fair conditions for workers in the Coles transport supply chain and the on-demand economy.


After a year of negotiations, Coles managing director signed on to five principles with the TWU aimed at ensuring safety is the number one priority in the Coles supply chain. The important event took place at TWU National Council in Adelaide.

A separate agreement covers workers in the on-demand economy, recognising their right to annual leave, fair rates, superannuation, safe working conditions and union representation.

“This is a major positive for all transport workers – whether in traditional industries or the on-demand economy. Coles and the TWU are saying through these principles that there is no higher priority than safety and fairness in the Coles supply chain and the on-demand economy,” said TWU National Secretary Tony Sheldon.

Since the agreements were signed, Coles has progressed with its commitment. The retailer announced efforts to ensure safety through its contracts for transport work in Victoria, Queensland and South Australia.

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