The transport industry is made stronger by its diverse workforce. We celebrate this at the TWU. We recognise that our differences in race, gender, background, culture, age, sexual orientation and disability can affect how we’re treated at work.

We are taking active steps towards improving diversity in our union to ensure everyone can have their voice heard. We’re actively increasing diversity on our governing committees and in our staff recruitment and training our officials in equality and diversity. Research with our members is helping us learn about the specific issues faced by women and minority groups.

We have set gender quotas on our Branch Committees to ensure equality in our decision making. Women’s committees meet regularly in each state to talk specifically about gendered issues in transport.

If you have an idea on how we can improve, or would like to share an experience or concern, please share this with us using the form above.

Watch this video to meet some inspirational women working in transport:

"With the union behind me, I’ve been able to stand up to discrimination in the workplace and negotiate good pay and conditions. Together, we fought for fairness for me and others."

Margaret Harvey, road transport worker

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