Safe Rates

Road transport is Australia’s deadliest industry.

It is marked by alarming rates of death, injury and chronic health conditions, wage theft and pressures to work dangerously.

This is because wealthy clients at the top of supply chains are financially squeezing transport contracts.

It means transport companies are forced to undercut each other to win work. For operators to survive, pay, conditions and safety are all cut, including truck maintenance and fatigue management. It results in transport workers being pressured to work harder, longer and faster to make ends meet.

Truck crashes are leaving families and communities devastated.

We must end this crisis.

We’re fighting for a Safe Rates system that will lift standards for all transport workers,  funded by the wealthy retailers, manufacturers and oil companies at the top of the supply chain.

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All transport workers deserve a fairer and safer industry, regardless of their labels:

Bus drivers

Owner-drivers, retail, general transport




Ports and Wharves

Construction, tippers and concrete

Oil, fuel and gas, mining, cash-in-transit

"I worry when my husband is on the road because I know of the dangers. Even if he is driving safely, I know there are other truck drivers who are fatigued and under pressure."

Yvette Mavrothalassitis, wife of truck driver

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