Transport workers across Australia are united to fight for better, safer jobs.

  • Road transport is Australia’s deadliest industry. While wealthy retailers, manufacturers and oil companies squeeze transport contracts, corners are cut in safety to make ends meet.
  • Aviation is decimated with low pay and insecure work causing high turnover and chronic understaffing. Qantas has pushed a race to the bottom, using the cover of covid to illegally sack and push out workers to pay people less to do the same jobs.
  • Gig transport workers like food delivery riders, rideshare drivers and parcel couriers are deprived of basic rights like minimum wage, workers’ compensation and protections from unfair dismissal.

Companies are posting booming profits while wages and conditions deteriorate. The Amazon Effect of cost-cutting from wealthy clients and exploitative competition from the gig economy poses an existential threat to good, secure transport jobs.

That’s why we’re uniting to raise standards across road transport and aviation.

We’re fighting for the same pay for the same job. We’re fighting to hold to account those with the economic power at the top of transport supply chains, like Amazon, Aldi and Qantas. We’re fighting for enforceable standards for all transport workers, including those in the gig economy.

Our Campaigns

Safe Rates

Safe and Secure Skies

How we're winning

TWU members are taking action to hold those with commercial power over transport contracts to account, giving workers greater strength to negotiate fairer, safer and more secure jobs.

"As an owner-driver I'm with the TWU to campaign for a decent standard, a fair rate and safe conditions for all transport workers."

Kevin Andrich, owner-driver

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Transport workers are fighting for a fairer, safer industry. Join them today and secure your future.

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