Same Job.
Same Pay.
Same Fight.

We’re gearing up for a big year in 2020. Transport workers across Australia will unite to fight for better, safer jobs.

The transport industry is in crisis:

– Road transport is Australia’s deadliest industry.

– Aviation is an industry of casual, part-time jobs.

– Food delivery riders and rideshare drivers in the gig economy are missing out on basic rights.

Wealthy companies at the top – retailers, manufacturers, oil companies, airports and airlines – are financially squeezing the transport industry through low cost contracts to make bigger profits, at the expense of safety and fairness.

That’s why we’re uniting to raise standards for all transport workers.

In 2020, over 200 transport enterprise agreements across aviation and road transport will end at the same time allowing 38,000 transport workers to take mass industrial action.

We’re fighting for the same pay for the same job. We’re fighting to hold those with the economic power at the top of the transport supply chains to account. We’re determined to end the race to the bottom in our industry.

Our Campaigns

Safe Rates

Safe and Secure Skies

"As an owner-driver I'm with the TWU to campaign for a decent standard, a fair rate and safe conditions for all transport workers."

Kevin Andrich, owner-driver

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