March 30, 2019

Safe Rates lobbying

Truck drivers, families of truck crash victims, transport companies & associations, and major retailers gathered in Canberra to discuss a legislative framework to the crisis in trucking. The summit convened on the same day the death toll reached 500 since the Federal Government tore down a safety watchdog.

The parties met at a Safe Rates summit to call for tough regulation to put in place a system to investigate risks to safety in trucking that result when truck drivers and transport companies are put under financial pressure. Following the summit, the TWU continued their lobbying to guarantee support for a Safe Rates system which would prevent drivers from constantly copping the blame for the symptoms of an industry in crisis, and put the blame back where it deserves: with the economic employers that are squeezing supply chains.

As a result of the summit, Senator Glenn Sterle called a forum to progress discussions into how the legislation will look, which welcomed input from every corner of the transport industry. Above all, it was unanimously agreed that things must change.

The TWU presented, with Senator Sterle, the Safe Rates platform which was endorsed by the ALP at their party conference in December.

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