June 28, 2022


The years-long fight for a safer, fairer and more sustainable gig economy has led to another huge breakthrough: workers’ courageous determination has brought gig giant Uber to the bargaining table to ink a new agreement in support of enforceable rights for all workers.


In recognising the need for industry reform, the Statement of Principles also expresses support for an independent Federal body to set enforceable determinations industry-wide for all workers – a key demand in workers’ fight for a fairer industry.


The Principles are also the first in Australia to cover gig workers engaged in both food delivery and rideshare.


This is a fantastic outcome only possible because scores of gig workers have been prepared to stand up and fight together for a safer more sustainable industry.


This incredible outcome follows earlier gig worker wins, including a joint charter with DoorDash, the Fair Work Commission finding riders directly engaged by Menulog should be covered by the Road Transport Award, and a determination of the NSW Industrial Relations Commission extending protections to Amazon Flex drivers – a world-first.


With workers, their union and a growing list of gig companies demanding action, the Federal Government must regulate by lifting standards to improve safety and conditions, and end extraordinary pressure on workers.


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