June 6, 2022

TWU signs Australia-first MoU with DoorDash

Gig workers across Australia have led the charge to end the insecure work crisis making road transport so deadly.


Workers’ standing and fighting together have achieved an incredible feat: gig company DoorDash recently signed an MoU with the TWU which recognises the need for industry-wide standards – set by an independent body.


It also recognises that workers deserve transparency around pay and conditions, the opportunity to contribute to a collective voice and access to a fair dispute resolution process.


This major win demonstrates what can be achieved by workers demanding change and companies being prepared to listen. By campaigning together, we can achieve the regulation workers desperately need to work safely and sustainably in road transport.


This landmark Charter follows earlier gig workers wins, including the Fair Work Commission recently finding that rider directly engaged by Menulog should be covered by the Road Transport Award and a determination of the NSW Industrial Relations Commission which extended minimum protections to Amazon Flex drivers – a world-first.


Transport workers will continue to fight for an industry that places their safety ahead of profit, and not the other way around.

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