Fighting for a safer, fairer road transport industry!

Being a truckie is Australia’s most dangerous job. For over 20 years TWU members have been fighting for safe, fair rates for truck drivers and safer roads for all Australians.

Safe Rates guarantees that every truckie on our roads is behind the wheel of a well-maintained vehicle, won’t have to risk falling asleep on the job just to make a living and isn’t trying to meet an impossible deadline.

What do we want?

For every truck driver – from employee to subbie - to have rates and conditions of work that ensure they’re paid for every hour, every kilometre and every cost.

What are we doing?

Our Campaign for Safe Rates has continued over more than 20 years.

By combining workplace organising with community, political and industrial action, we’ve has some big wins including:
  • Establishing the Road Safety Remuneration Tribunal – a dedicated forum for the road transport industry
  • Strong National TWU agreements with major transport companies like Toll and Linfox

Find out more about the latest in our Safe Rates campaign.

How can you get involved?

There are a few ways you can get involved in our fight for a safer and fairer road transport industry:

And don’t forget to sign-up for campaign updates!

  • Port Pirie Truck Death Shows Problems In Trucking, Says Transport Workers’ Union

    March 02

    TWU SA/NT Branch Media Release, 2 March 2017
    The Transport Workers’ Union has called on industry to come on board with a solution to the crisis in trucking, which saw grandfather Steve Eberhard killed last year after he was hit by a truck.

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  • Federal Government Hypocritical and Negligent on Worker Rates

    February 27

    The Federal Government is purely hypocritical on respecting the independence of the Fair Work Commission but rushing when suited it to oppose and abolish the independent Road Safety Remuneration Tribunal, said Transport Workers’ Union National Secretary Tony Sheldon.

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  • Who Represents The Drivers?

    February 17

    Big Rigs, by Richard Olsen, TWU NSW State Secretary, 16 February 2017
    We are in a unique political age, an age where the political marketing is "jobs and growth".

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  • We Must Get Up To Speed On Road Safety

    February 08

    The Huffington Post, by Anthony Albanese, Shadow Minister for Infrastructure, Transport, Tourism and Cities, 8 February 2017
    It's a mistake to allow politics to compromise road safety, particularly when our road toll is rising after years of decline.

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  • Transport Employer Groups In Denial About Rate & Safety Problems Drivers Face

    February 07

    TWU MEDIA RELEASE, 7 February 2017

    The Transport Workers’ Union has criticised transport employer lobby groups NatRoad, ATA and Sarta for their opposition to improvements in rates and safety for drivers.

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