July 6, 2023

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It’s time for action for lifesaving transport reform.

For years, TWU members have fought for reform to make Australia’s deadliest industry safer and fairer. We’re closer than ever to achieving this – Federal Parliament will soon be asked to vote on reform to set fair, safe and sustainable standards in transport. 

Whether an owner driver, employee driver, transport gig worker, bus driver, waste worker, Distribution Centre worker or any other transport worker, we are coming together across the industry because this reform will change lives and save lives. Workers have been joined by transport operators, employer associations, supply chain clients, and gig companies all calling for reform to end the crisis in transport.

Read about the crisis in road transport and why this lifesaving reform is absolutely crucial.

Australia’s deadliest industry.

Transport supply chains are in crisis. Cost-cutting from wealthy clients at the top of supply chains and unfair competition from exploitative gig models cause deadly pressure on operators and drivers to delay maintenance, rush to meet unrealistic deadlines, and stay on the road too long.

Since 2017, 15 transport gig workers have been killed at work.


What will transport reform do?

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  • Have a conversation with your workmates or your family about why reform is important. Find a guide here


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