August 23, 2021

Support transport jobs #TruckieSolidarity

Transport workers are taking action because their jobs are under attack, right now.

This isn’t a decision made lightly – truckies and distribution centre workers know the community counts on them to keep Australia moving. They’ve stepped up every day since the pandemic started, dealing with unprecedented demand as cities and states locked down and e-commerce boomed.

But their jobs are on the line.

Wealthy retailers, manufacturers and oil companies enjoyed enormous profits last year off the back of transport workers’ efforts.

Amazon raked in billions in record profits, but is slashing what it pays for transport, exploiting workers through its gig-style arm AmazonFlex and crushing good trucking jobs. This is happening right across the transport industry, with workers facing attacks on their entitlements, rights and job security.

Workers know that if they don’t stand up and fight today, their jobs could be gone tomorrow.

When trucking wages and standards are squeezed, we all suffer.

Lower wages force truckies to take more risks on the road, exposing themselves and other motorists to danger. Trucking is already Australia’s deadliest industry, with one truck driver killed every 10 days. So far this year, 97 people have died in truck crashes despite sweeping lockdowns.

Imagine how much more dangerous transport will become if wealthy retailers get their way?

That’s why truckies are fighting for fair pay and safer working conditions across Australia.

Will you stand with them?

Show that you support transport workers in trucking and distribution:

  1. post a photo with this TRUCKIE SOLIDARITY sign on social media, using the hashtag #TruckieSolidarity
  2. sign and share the petition calling for a safe, secure jobs in transport: https://bit.ly/TruckiePetition

Strike action videos:

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