Securing a better deal for Lindsay Linehaul Drivers

Linehaul drivers recently rejected Lindsay Transport’s latest attempt to rush through a substandard workplace agreement.

The company’s offer would have seen big savings for Lindsay – at the expense of linehaul drivers:
  • Below award rates of pay
  • Below award annual leave loading
  • Below award travel allowance
  • Unfair restrictions on paid loading/unloading duties

But while we’re fighting for a better agreement, linehaul drivers are still working under the old agreement – which offers rates and conditions below our Award standards.

Together we can fix this. The TWU can make an application to the Fair Work Commission to terminate the old agreement – reverting linehaul conditions to the Award and securing you a pay rise.

To secure this win, Linehaul drivers need to do two things:
1.    Join the TWU – the majority of linehaul drivers must be TWU members for our application to be successful
2.    Sign the petition below to terminate the old agreement – this will show the FWC that linehaul drivers want to work under the higher award rates

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