TWU Pilots Loss of Licence Insurance

TWU Pilots Loss of Licence Insurance, working with Arthur J. Gallagher (AJG), offers financial protection to member pilots in the event of their medical certificate being permanently revoked or suspended temporarily due to bodily injury/illness.

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Premium Payment for Virgin Australia Airline Pilots

The Transport Workers Union (TWU) has a bulk billing arrangement in place with Virgin Australia Airlines, which is open for a limited time [date to be advised]. On the payment options screen, please select payment by Invoice and you will be automatically sent an email enclosing your Policy Documents and Tax Invoice. Once your TWU membership is verified, Virgin Australia Airlines will be contacted for payment of the Tax Invoice on your behalf. When the bulk billing arrangement period ends, you will be required to make settlement at your own cost and pursue reimbursement independently from Virgin Australia Airlines.



P: 1800 116 460 (option 5)

E: lolprotection@twu.com.au


Joanne Green

E: pilots@ajg.com.au

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