October 5, 2022

Safety crisis at Swissport

A recent TWU survey of 165 workers revealed that over three-quarters of Swissport workers are considering leaving the industry if chronic understaffing, shocking pay and conditions and safety concerns don’t improve.

Previously the TWU has obtained several memos sent from Swissport to workers reporting safety incidents, such as staff working while injured, firearms unloaded onto arrivals carousels, cargo doors left open, among others.

  • We know these incidents are happening because of understaffing, pressure to rush, and low pay leading to high turnover of staff resulting in training shortages and inexperience.
  • Sending a memo to workers is a completely inadequate response from Swissport, which is doing nothing to improve the safety and welfare of workers.

Former Qantas workers who used to do your jobs were not only paid more money, but had better conditions, up to three times more staff on each roster, and weeks of training.

The survey’s results show the urgent need for industry standards to provide safe and fair workplaces at the airport and in Qantas’ supply chain. Some of the concerns were:

Click here for the full survey results.

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