May 5, 2019

Airport workers serve claim for better jobs

Airport workers have served claims on all major airports in Australia demanding they take responsibility for fair and safe pay and conditions of aviation workers.


The claim demands: the same pay for the same job, regardless of which company engages workers; secure work with permanent full-time jobs; safety and security as a number one priority, rather than a focus on engaging work to be carried out for the lowest cost possible.

Airports are highly profitable. The four main airports in Australia make over $2 billion in profit and are in the top six richest airports in the world. These profits would not be possible without the hard work of cabin crew, baggage handlers, security and customer service staff, caterers, refuellers and pilots.

Yet the aviation industry has been exposed over appalling conditions. Aviation jobs are becoming increasingly insecure and casualised. The TWU revealed workers at ground handling company Aerocare/Swissport have had to sleep at the airports because of low rates and split shifts which forced them to stay at work for up to 15 hours a day while being paid for just six hours.

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