July 22, 2022

Safe Rates: National Convoys call for urgent transport reform

Transport workers, industry groups, families and advocates showed up at Parliament House and at convoys around the country calling for urgent reform. Transport is the deadliest industry in Australia and the whole industry is pushing to change this reality.




Truck drivers deal with:

  • Pressure – Economic and contracting pressures. A survey revealed shocking pressures drivers face which force them to cut corners on safety and drive to exhaustion.
  • Race to the bottom – Wealthy clients at the top of the supply chain squeeze transport contracts to make more profit. Operators including owner-drivers are then forced to undercut each other to win work
  • Low maintenance – For operators to survive, maintenance is delayed and workers are pressured to work longer and drive faster to make ends meet.

The Amazon Effect, a real threat.

Unregulated gig companies like Amazon Flex pushes workers into precarious work with low rates of pay and no workplace rights or entitlements. This undercutting forces traditional transport operators to attack strong workplace conditions and safety to keep costs low and remain competitive.

How can we achieve safe rates?

  • Regulation – It is necessary to create an independent body to set minimum standards.
  • Companies at the top of the supply chain must be held accountable.
  • Universal Licensing and training – There are currently no national standards for safety training for drivers.
  • Braking the Amazon Effect before it destroys the entire road transport industry.
  • Taking Action Transport workers stand strong together for a safer and fairer industry for everyone.



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