August 10, 2021

TWU Wins Case Against Qantas Outsourcing

A Federal Court has ruled against Qantas over the outsourcing of ground workers.

The Federal Court stated Qantas axed and outsourced the workers to prevent them from exercising their rights to bargain for better wages and conditions and to take industrial action.

This is a huge, huge win for workers.

It’s not just a win for those who were outsourced, but for workers all over Australia whose companies will now think twice about getting rid of strong, unionised workforces.

We’ll use this win to push our “Same Job, Same Pay” campaign – because Qantas shouldn’t be able to pay less for outsourced work.
No matter if you’re working directly for Qantas, or for Swissport or Menzies, you should be paid the same money for the same work.To every one of you who came to actions, wrote to your MPs, shared your stories and supported each other – congratulations. This win is a testament to our strength when we stand together.


A survey of outsourced Qantas workers showed three quarters have not been able to secure full-time work since they were axed by the company. They want their jobs back.

Whether you’re an outsourced worker or you want to support their fight, add you name to workers’ letter to the Qantas board calling on them not to sign off on an appeal and urgently give these workers their jobs back: bit.ly/ReturnQantasJobs




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