May 29, 2020

Aviation workers call for a national plan

Coronavirus restrictions implemented by the Federal Government have almost entirely shut down the aviation industry. Workers are facing unprecedented turmoil:

  • Only 11% of workers are back to pre-covid hours
  • Around 1/4 of aviation jobs discarded
  • Thousands of workers stood-down
  • Virgin Australia pushed into administration
  • Taxpaying workers excluded from the JobKeeper wage subsidy
  • Qantas outsourced 2,500 jobs
  • Qantas and Jetstar workers failed on safety
  • Qantas and Jetstar misused JobKeeper to pocket workers’ entitlements
  • Qantas refused seriously ill workers their accrued sick leave


Now the Federal Government is ripping away the JobKeeper lifeline while aviation is still decimated. International borders remain closed, domestic borders are unpredictable, and thousands of workers are unable to pay their bills.

Scott Morrison thinks cutting some air fares to Liberal or marginal seats is the answer. This is a calamity. Jobs are at risk, aviation is set to lose more skill and experience. Workers are struggling to survive.

The Prime Minister has made his allegiances clear.

Aviation unions representing tens of thousands of workers have written to Scott Morrison asking him to meet with workers to discuss the support they need, but he has refused.

He had plenty of time to meet with Qantas boss Alan Joyce though…


Let’s flood the Prime Minister’s inbox to say this is not good enough. Australia needs aviation, and aviation needs skilled workers to see this crisis out. We need AviationKeeper now.

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Over the last year excluded aviation workers have fought hard to be included in the JobKeeper scheme. The Federal Government was deaf to their calls. We must fight hard together to #saveaviation and keep workers in their jobs and their homes.

Click here for aviation workers survey results showing almost 90% of jobs still significantly affected

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Aviation workers are coming together across Australia to call on the Government to develop a national plan which ensures the long-term stability and protection of the industry. That means:

  • A two airline model
  • Government stakes in airlines
  • Accessible and affordable services for regional communities
  • Protection and promotion of regional jobs
  • AviationKeeper for all aviation workers
  • Same pay for the same job for all aviation workers
  • Safe supply chains
  • Capped CEO salaries; and
  • Regulation of airports

Click here for the joint letter to the Prime Minister from unions and employers calling for AviationKeeper

Click here for the joint letter to the Prime Minister from unions registering dismay over cutting off JobKeeper

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