May 29, 2020

Aviation workers call for a national plan

Coronavirus restrictions implemented by the Federal Government have almost entirely shut down the aviation industry. Workers are facing unprecedented turmoil:

  • Thousands of workers forced into stand-down
  • Virgin Australia pushed into administration
  • Taxpaying workers excluded from the JobKeeper wage subsidy
  • Qantas and Jetstar workers failed on safety
  • Jetstar misusing JobKeeper to pocket workers’ entitlements
  • Qantas refusing seriously ill workers their accrued sick leave

The Federal Government must urgently act to implement an AviationKeeper payment system to support the industry for as long as it needs.

Sign the petition on this page to support our call for a national plan to ensure the long-term stability of the industry and fairness for thousands of workers.

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Our claim

We need the Federal Government to urgently act to protect the Australian aviation sector which is facing unprecedented turmoil. Aviation is an essential service. It keeps Australian businesses thriving, communities and families connected, and provides tens of thousands of jobs.

Aviation workers are coming together across Australia to call on the Government to immediately act in developing a national plan which ensures the following commitment for the long term stability and protection of the industry:

  • A two airline model
  • Government equity in airlines to ensure long term stability
  • Accessible and affordable services for regional communities
  • Protection and promotion of regional jobs
  • Job Keeper for all aviation workers
  • Same pay for the same job for all aviation workers
  • Safe supply chains
  • Capped CEO salaries; and
  • Regulation of airports

The fight for AviationKeeper

The aviation industry is in crisis. With the majority of flights still grounded due to COVID-19, it is going to take some time for our industry to recover. Thousands of aviation workers are being denied JobKeeper, and in too many cases JobSeeker and have no income. When workers are receiving JobKeeper, it is often delayed, incorrectly issued and simply doesn’t cover our most basic bills like rent, mortgages, groceries and utilities.

To stop our essential industry collapsing, we need our jobs and companies protected so that when Australia is ready to fly, we are too.

As part of our call on the Morrison Federal Government to support a national aviation plan, we are demanding the immediate introduction of an AviationKeeper payment system. With the Federal Government planning for the next steps of the economic recovery, it is vital that aviation workers are backed in with an AviationKeeper payment system that will:

  • Apply to all aviation workers regardless of who owns their employer
  • Be paid on time and fairly
  • Extend past the JobKeeper expiry date of September
  • Only be phased out in line with the reopening of skies and borders

Join the fight for AviationKeeper:

  1. Sign and share the petition https://bit.ly/AviationKeeperPetition
  2. Post to social media using #AviationKeeper and tagging in Scott Morrison
  3. Share your story with us at twu@twu.com.au


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