May 6, 2020

Qantas' shocking response to a pandemic

Qantas/Jetstar has shown its true anti-worker colours throughout this time of crisis. Here’s a snapshot of what they’ve been up to since the pandemic began:

  • announced 6,000 redundancies to press: before telling workforce and before waiting for government announcement on subsidies
  • refusal to pay seriously ill workers their accrued sick leave
  • misusing JobKeeper to pocket worker entitlements and earnings, such as overtime
  • constantly downplaying the highly contagious and deadly nature of the virus, telling workers the risk are “negligible” and “extremely low”
  • allowing a cluster of 34 infections to spread resulting in the quarantining of 750 workers at Adelaide airport
  • threatening workers with sacking over raising concerns about the virus
  • suspending a health and safety rep for raising concerns

Qantas redundancies: call for AviationKeeper

The Federal Government must step in to save aviation. We need experienced, well-trained workers ready to keep Australia flying as soon as possible.

Send your message to Scott Morrison. Film yourself telling your story and why AviationKeeper is important for you and your family. Post on social media, remembering to tag @Scott Morrison and @Josh Frydenberg and using #AviationKeeper, or send to twu@twu.com.au. Here’s a script you might want to use:

I am devastated at the news that 6000 jobs will be lost at Qantas.

I have worked for XX years at Qantas doing XXXX work.

I’ve got a family to look after/mortgage to pay/rent/bills. We are worried about our futures.

We are all worried about our futures.

What we want is for our Federal Government to extend JobKeeper and turn it into AviationKeeper.

Our industry has-been-hit like no other and will continue to feel the effects of the pandemic for some time to come.

I know the airlines and the aviation companies are also on board for Aviation Keeper, so my message to the Government is:

We don’t want your regrets or your sympathy.

We want job security.

We want AviationKeeper

TWU safety investigation at Qantas Group

A TWU investigation into Qantas’ response to the COVID-19 pandemic has revealed a shocking disregard for the highly contagious and potentially deadly nature of COVID-19 ahead of a cluster outbreak which saw 34 people infected in Adelaide and 750 Qantas staff quarantined.

The TWU surveyed over 850 workers and obtained sensitive workplace health and safety documents from Qantas as part of the investigation. See the full results below.


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