May 6, 2020

Save Qantas Jobs

In 2020, Qantas forced workers to bid for their own jobs, then rejected the bid anyway, despite it coming in at cheaper than the market rate. Now they’ve pushed over 2000 workers out the door.

These workers are not being made redundant, they are being replaced with workers on lower pay and conditions. The pandemic has been very tough on airlines and aviation but what Qantas is doing is different: documents show this was planned 10 years ago. Qantas is deliberately targeting this group of workers.

But we’re fighting back. We’ll fight for decent, safe jobs in aviation and the job security workers deserve. We cannot allow a race to the bottom in aviation, with jobs shipped off to the lowest bidder. Aviation is a critical industry in Australia, and one in which safety must be the number one priority.


Federal Court case launched

We’re currently pursuing a Federal Court case against Qantas for their outsourcing decision. Find out more about that and other Qantas cases here.

Senate Inquiry into aviation

On 9 November 2020, a delegation of workers went to Parliament House, Canberra to call for government support. The Senate heard their pleas and responded by passing a motion condemning Qantas and calling for a halt to the outsourcing. On the same day, the Senate also passed a motion to set up an inquiry into the aviation response to the pandemic and the industry’s survival.

We’ve now put in submissions to the aviation inquiry, which will put both Qantas and the government under the spotlight for forcing aviation workers to bear the brunt of this crisis. Thank you to all politicians who’ve supported aviation workers, and congratulations to our members for achieving this great win, and for sharing their stories to the inquiry.

Qantas workers protest axing of jobs

Take a look back at some of the 2020 actions against Qantas, with TWU members standing up for the jobs they put their heart and souls into. Workers protested at airports in Sydney, Adelaide, Queensland, Perth and Darwin, at politician’s offices and even at Parliament House in Canberra.

We remain strong and united in our fight against the axing of these jobs. Qantas workers and their families deserve better.

Millionaire Joyce must go

Qantas CEO Alan Joyce must resign over his shocking response to the pandemic which has forced thousands of loyal workers out of a job and others to their sick bed after allowing COVID-19 to spread in the workplace.

Here’s a snapshot of what he’s been up to since the pandemic began:

  • outsourcing 2,500 jobs in ground, baggage and fleet presentation in Qantas, QGS and Jetstar with no consultation and no warning, despite government wage subsidies continuing
  • announced 6,000 redundancies to press: before telling workforce and before a scheduled government announcement on further wage subsidies
  • refused to pay seriously ill workers their accrued sick leave
  • abused JobKeeper scheme to pocket worker entitlements, such as overtime
  • downplayed the highly contagious and deadly nature of the virus, telling workers the risk are “negligible” and “extremely low”
  • allowed a cluster of 34 infections to spread in Adelaide resulting in the quarantining of 750 workers at Adelaide airport
  • allowed another cluster in Qantas Freight, Melbourne
  • threatened workers with sacking over raising concerns about the virus
  • suspended a health and safety rep for raising legitimate concerns

Sign and share our petition to call for the resignation of Alan Joyce over his callousness and shocking handling of the coronavirus pandemic: bit.ly/JoyceMustResign


Politicians fighting for Qantas workers

Many ALP politicians have stood up for workers in Parliament, met with workers at airports or at Parliament House, and have signed a letter to the Qantas board calling for the jobs to be reinstated. We need this action echoed across the Federal Government to ensure our aviation industry thrives with good, safe, secure jobs.


Prime Minister Scott Morrison must act

The Federal Government must step in to save aviation and protect Qantas workers. We need experienced, well-trained workers ready to return Australia to the skies as soon as we’re able.

If you’re a Qantas worker, send your message to Scott Morrison. Film yourself telling your story and post on social media, remembering to tag @Scott Morrison and using #SaveQantasJobs #JoyceStepDown #ScomoStepUp, or send your video to twu@twu.com.au. Here’s a script you might want to use:

I am devastated at the news that Qantas is axing thousands of jobs and replacing us with labour hire.

I have worked for XX years at Qantas doing XXXX work.

I’ve got a family to look after/mortgage to pay/rent/bills. We are worried about our futures.

Scott Morrison, we need you to step up.

We don’t want your regrets or your sympathy.

We want job security.

We want AviationKeeper.

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