November 4, 2022

Swissport: time to change our workplace

In December, bargaining will begin for your new Enterprise Agreement.

Swissport currently offers workers the lowest pay and conditions in the industry, and this is our chance to change things.

If we stand together, we can achieve huge improvements to pay and conditions.




We achieved huge increases to pay and conditions at Menzies and Dnata because we had a strong union presence.

  • Dnata workers achieved a 17.2% pay rise during the life of their agreement.
  • Menzies workers receive overtime for all hours worked outside their rostered hours.

We wouldn’t have achieved these results without hundreds members standing together. That’s why we need everyone in the union to win the best outcome.




Around the country, the significant concerns you’ve shared with us show that we need to stand together over the coming months to make Swissport a better place to work.

Here are some of the key areas we’ll be working together to change.


  • Your Swissport EA is barely above the Award – the bare minimum
  • Your rates are the lowest in the industry
  • Considering the hit you took during covid, and sky-rocketing cost of living, your rates are unacceptably low
  • You don’t receive many of the penalties and allowances that other ground workers get
  • Menzies workers, for example, receive overtime for ALL hours outside their rostered hours, and penalty rates for Sundays and public holidays

We’re fighting for better pay, including better overtime and penalties.


We know that the chronic understaffing at Swissport is putting immense pressure on you, increasing the risk of safety incidents.

  • Low wages and conditions, as well as bad rostering, cause high turnover
  • Swissport also has a history of under-staffing their rosters, and has admitted it doesn’t have the staff levels to meet current demand
  • The result is overloaded and fatigued staff – that’s a huge safety risk

We’re fighting for Swissport to improve low wages and conditions to keep staff employed, and improve its understaffing




Lack of job security and regular hours can have huge impacts on safety and fatigue. Having to pick up shifts because you’re not rostered enough hours also means you have less opportunity to plan your life around other commitments.


We’re fighting for better job security and hours at Swissport.



Many of you have raised significant issues around injuries, unsafe equipment and inadequate training.

We’re fighting to ensure Swissport makes safety a priority.


Fill out our bargaining and tell us what’s most important to you, and make Swissport a fairer and safer workplace.

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