February 29, 2024


Virgin cabin crew have voted 90% in favour of a new enterprise agreement that delivers better pay, safer and fairer rosters, and work-life balance.

After months of negotiations and moves towards protected industrial action, the overwhelming vote for the agreement shows that the positive outcome reached at the bargaining table was the right one.

TWU National Assistant Secretary Nick McIntosh said:

“This was a great result for cabin crew who had struggled with gruelling rosters and the hangover of pandemic sacrifices that made it hard to support themselves and their families. Workers will benefit from six additional days off a year, recognition for time spent on unpaid standby, overtime improvements, and pay increases between 14% and 18% over the three-year agreement.

“Workers fought hard for this agreement. After months of negotiations, they remained steadfast in their determination to make Virgin cabin crew jobs fairer, safer and more sustainable.

“Last year, cabin crew, ground crew and pilots served a five-point claim on owners Bain Capital for greater respect, good secure jobs, ongoing investment in the business and its workforce, an employee share scheme and support for industry reform. While this agreement and commitments to insource more ground handling jobs go a long way to addressing this, we need to see further commitments from Bain Capital – especially in light of the recruitment for a new CEO and plans for an IPO.

“Outstanding agreement negotiations for Virgin and VARA pilots and VARA cabin crew must now be resolved quickly and sufficiently. All Virgin workers deserve good, secure and sustainable jobs.”

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