November 26, 2018


“Why are drivers the fall-guy for this billion-dollar backed company which choses to wash its hands of all responsibilities? Uber incentivises drivers to work long hours because the pay and conditions are so bad. It provides no training on how to transport members of the public around safely. Uber should be in the dock because its work practices are leading to horrific incidents like this Sydney case today,” said Tony Sheldon, TWU’s co-ordinator on the on-demand economy.


A survey of over 1,100 rideshare drivers across Australia shows the average pay is just $16 per hour before fuel, insurance and other costs are taken out. One in 10 drivers has been physically assaulted while 6% have been sexually assaulted.


Drivers have faced deaths threats towards them and their families, rape threats, sexual assault, being punched in the face, held at knifepoint, had their car windows broken, their cars stolen and have received racial abuse. They have been immediately deactivated from the ride-share apps when passengers leave wallets in their cars or when passengers make entirely false reports. Almost two-thirds of drivers have had false reports by passengers.


“Uber has reintroduced eighteenth century working conditions into Australia, this time via an app. It refuses to support drivers when they are physically and sexually assaulted on the job, giving them the choice of turning up to work the next day to earn money or stay at home recover from their injuries and lose pay. Drivers deserve rights and the Federal Government must start holding Uber to account,” Sheldon added.

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