November 22, 2017


The union is keen to discuss the delivery of quality jobs at Aerocare, which are marked by below award rates, illegal split shifts and deliberate understaffing. These conditions are having an impact on safety and security at airports.


“We are looking forward to meeting Swissport to discuss ways to improve conditions for staff at Aerocare. The treatment of Aerocare staff currently is a black mark on our aviation industry. This is a company that lies to its staff and is fighting four legal cases to be able to continue ripping them off. Aerocare’s buyout is an opportunity to turn over a new leaf,” TWU National Secretary Tony Sheldon.


In March it was revealed that conditions at Aerocare are so poor that staff are forced to sleep at airports. In August the Fair Work Commission rejected Aerocare’s latest enterprise agreement, citing below award rates and illegal split shifts.


Safety and security at airports across Australia is being compromised because of deliberate understaffing, fatigue from lengthy split shifts and low pay at Aerocare. High turnover rates mean hundreds of ground staff operate at airports each day without proper security screening. Click here for images and footage showing conditions and safety braches at Aeorcare:  http://www.twu.com.au/aerocare-breaches/


Aerocare is fighting four separate cases to continue its low rates model, including an attempt in the Federal Court to enforce split shifts. This case will have implications for all aviation workers and 38 other industries, including nurses, aged care workers and shop workers.


Aerocare regularly denies it has a high injury rate among workers. Records from Sydney International Airport show, 132 injuries were reported over a one year period, among a staff of just 324.


Major breaches have occurred as a result of Aerocare’s deliberate understaffing, such as an incident at Perth Airport when passengers were allowed airside to collect their own baggage. This could have resulted in death or injury to other passengers and crew or damage to aircraft.


Click here for images and footage showing conditions and safety breaches at Aeorcare:  http://www.twu.com.au/aerocare-breaches/

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