March 10, 2020

TWU statement on Qantas cutbacks

The Transport Workers Union National Secretary, Michael Kaine said:

“The TWU acknowledges Qantas executives will not receive their full multi-million dollar salaries this year.

“We sincerely hope this is more than window dressing.

“We will work co-operatively to keep Qantas viable in difficult times. However we want a commitment that Qantas will reimburse its workforce with extra leave when the business returns to full health.

“It is not reasonable to ask Qantas ground staff, baggage handlers and flight attendants to take a hit without also asking shareholders to sacrifice dividends.

“Qantas should also commit to no further outsourcing and agree to maximise the hours of its permanent workforce.

“If we are all in this together, as the Prime Minister has suggested, Qantas must make sure its hard working employees do not bear the brunt.”

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