November 17, 2016

Transport Activists Protest At Indonesia Consulate In Support Of Striking Workers

Protesters called on the Indonesian Government to intervene in the fuel delivery dispute, which centres on workers forced onto casual, short-term contracts and forced to work 12 hour days without overtime. Working conditions are unsafe, highlighted by a number of work-related fatalities.


“We stand in solidarity with our brothers and sisters in Indonesia who are being intimidated and sacked for standing up for their rights. We demand that this repression of truck drivers and port workers ends now and that the fuel company employing them, Pertamina Patra Niaga, begins negotiating in good faith with its workforce,” said Tony Sheldon, Transport Workers’ Union National Secretary and chair of the road transport section of the International Transport Workers’ Federation.


Workers have been on indefinite strike at PPN Plumpang depot since November 1st, demanding that they be made permanent employees and for their overtime wages to be paid.


“Today we are sending a strong message that the events at Plumpang depot are being watched closely and that we expect a peaceful resolution to this dispute and for workers’ demands to be met. This type of supply chain squeeze is felt by workers in Australia and all over the world and we will stand up against it every time,” Sheldon added.

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