February 23, 2024


Today Hungry Panda delivery rider Zhuoying Wang, who stopped receiving orders from the company following protests for fair pay and safety, will spend her 40th birthday with other workers continuing to demand fairness from the company.

The TWU has filed an adverse action case in the Fair Work Commission on behalf of Zhuoying, with a directions hearing to take place on Monday to set dates for the matter to be heard.

The protests follow the passage of legislation to set minimum standards in the gig economy through Federal Parliament. Ms Wang, as part of a transport industry delegation to Parliament House, shared with parliamentarians the severe financial impact Hungry Panda’s actions have had on her, including her inability to pay rent since she stopped receiving orders.

In 2021, Hungry Panda sacked two riders who organised protests over pay cuts. After six weeks of rider protests and unfair dismissal claims, their pay rates were restored and the two sacked riders reinstated – one of whom, Jun Yang, has also joined recent protests.

The protests follow a drop in the base delivery rate from $7 to $4 for motorcycle riders and from $6 to $5 for bicycle riders. Hungry Panda’s ‘bonus’ scheme asks riders to complete a particular number of deliveries in a set timeframe to receive a one-off payment. To qualify for the bonuses, riders must meet unrealistic, unsafe deadlines.

TWU Chief of Campaigns Emily McMillan said Hungry Panda’s actions show the need to get minimum standards in place in the gig economy as quickly as possible.

“It is appalling that a company would retaliate against a worker raising issues of safety and unfair pay. Zhuoying and other riders are bravely standing up again today to demand Hungry Panda commit to reverse pay cuts and put an end to deadly pressures to work faster and longer.”

“The state of the gig economy shows the urgent need for minimum standards. The TWU will be engaging in urgent discussions with gig companies to work towards putting those standards in place to ensure workers have safe, secure jobs.”

“With Uber, DoorDash and Menulog having supported reform which has just passed through Parliament, it’s time for Hungry Panda to join the rest of the industry and support the development of safe and fair minimum standards in the gig economy.”

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