November 18, 2021


Paused industrial action will recommence at FedEx with rolling four-hour stoppages from Monday next week after talks broke down when the company refused to even consider a reasonable counter-offer put forward by workers.

The TWU is calling on FedEx to abandon its approach to attack workers and instead work cooperatively on a safe, secure and sustainable future which defends it against the threat of the ‘Amazon Effect’.

Yesterday, workers brought a fair solution to the table which would provide their families with financial security sooner without adding costs to the company. However, FedEx management persisted with its refusal to provide an agreement offer which repays workers for their hard work and restraint during a record year of multibillion dollar profits for FedEx and its clients like Amazon and Apple.

Last week, FedEx workers suspended industrial action after the company agreed to union meetings during paid time across the country. During those meetings, workers overwhelmingly endorsed taking further action to break the impasse with FedEx management taking orders from America.

FedEx is the only remaining major transport operator in Australia not to have reached an agreement with workers following settlement between TWU members and StarTrack on Friday.

Other transport companies which have settled their agreements with workers are looking at ways to raise standards in the industry to protect major transport operators and workers from the ‘Amazon Effect’ of cost cutting and exploitative competition.

In America, Amazon Logistics has now overtaken FedEx on deliveries, charging parent company Amazon three times lower prices to transport its goods.

TWU National Secretary Michael Kaine called on FedEx to recognise its workforce as its biggest asset, not its enemy.

“Yesterday, workers brought solutions to the table but came up against a brick wall. FedEx management’s overzealous stubbornness is hurting working families, the public and its own business.

“Industrial action is the only option left for workers facing a hostile international juggernaut fighting a losing battle based on warped ideology. Christmas is just around the corner, it’s time for FedEx management to redirect its energy on providing a viable, trusted service with a valued workforce at its heart.

“The threat of being undercut and overtaken by Amazon’s exploitative and expanding delivery network is exactly why FedEx should be working with union members to protect good transport jobs. FedEx needs to come back to the table, repay workers for their sacrifices and join forces to demand regulatory solutions to protect legitimate businesses working within the industrial system,” he said.

Stop-work actions are planned across all states during the first three days of next week. Workers will determine further industrial action on a rolling basis.

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