April 9, 2024


The Transport Workers’ Union is calling on Ola to pay workers what they are owed following news that the rideshare company will close operations across Australia and New Zealand.

Ola’s exit follows that of Milkrun, Send and Voly over the past two years, following a trend right across the transport industry of companies being forced out of the market by unfair and unsustainable competition.

Recently Federal Parliament passed legislation which will empower the Fair Work Commission to set and enforce standards in the gig economy, with laws to take effect in August.

Outside of the gig economy, Scott’s Refrigerated, Neway and Rivet Mining Services have all recently collapsed because of unsustainable contracts, leading to over 2000 job losses.

TWU National Secretary Michael Kaine said the shutdown showed the urgency of getting minimum standards in place to level the playing field and protect workers.

“Workers in the gig transport economy have for too long been ripped off minimum wage and other rights, and put under deadly pressure to prioritise speed over safety when delivering food. We will seek an urgent meeting with Ola to seek the best possible outcome for affected rideshare drivers.”

“This industry is cannibalising itself. Companies operating sustainable models that support workers are being forced out through unchecked supply chain pressure and exploitative competition from the likes of Amazon. Ola’s exit shows how critical it is to get standards in place to lift pay and make transport gig jobs safe, secure and sustainable.”

“Around the world, courts and governments have struggled to keep up with the rampant exploitation in the gig economy. The Closing Loopholes Bill recently passed by Federal Parliament is a sophisticated answer to this global crisis.”

“The TWU is working with gig companies to apply to the Fair Work Commission and set standards as soon as laws allow, so we can protect workers and stabilise the industry.”

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