May 18, 2018


The annual meeting taking place in Adelaide over four days will involve major announcements affecting transport workers and rules to enforce strict labour standards across industries.


ALP deputy leader, Tanya Plibersek, ACTU Secretary Sally McManus, former foreign minister Bob Carr and ALP SA leader Peter Malinauskas will make keynote addresses. Bob Katter MP, Senators Alex Gallacher and Glenn Sterle, and Australian Workers’ Union National Secretary Daniel Walton will join panel discussions.


The council agenda will also involve appearances by international trade unions, including the International Transport Workers’ Federation, and New Zealand and Korean trade unions.


Part of the council will coincide with a TWU SA/NT delegates conference involving over 100 activists.


Michael Quinlan, a leading global expert on workplace health and safety, will receive an award from his contribution to research on safety in road transport.


“Economic slavery has been allowed to fester in our workplaces. We are not content to sit and watch this continue, affecting not only the current generation of young people but condemning future generations to workplaces with no rights or protections. This is why we will be addressing these issues in a concrete way during our National Council,” said TWU National Secretary Tony Sheldon.


“We are looking forward to honouring Michael Quinlan who has through detailed research and thoughtful analysis changed the way we see health and safety in the workplace. He has successfully challenged the vested interests which believe it is their right to make money at the expense of their employees’ health and lives,” Sheldon added




Please note major announcements and addresses from TWU National Council can be followed on Facebook at bit.ly/TWUNationalCouncil


TWU National Council Programme:

Hilton, 233 Victoria Square, Adelaide SA 5000


Monday May 21

3.45pm: On-demand economy announcement. Bob Carr, former foreign minister & member of Airbnb tourism advisory board, Tony Sheldon TWU National Secretary and Scott Connolly ACTU assistant secretary


Tuesday May 22

9.20am Keynote speech: TWU National Secretary Tony Sheldon & labour standards announcement

9.50am address by Peter Malinauskas SA ALP leader

10.45am road transport action

12pm address by ACTU Secretary Sally McManus

4.20pm Challenges and fights around the world. Steve Cotton, General Secretary of the International Transport Workers’ Federation, Jared Abbott First Union NZ, Wol-San Liem Korean Public Service and Transport Workers’ Union, Tony Sheldon TWU


Wednesday May 23

8.10am Adelaide airport action

11.30am retailers and road transport regulation announcement. Coles CEO John Durkan, Tony Sheldon and TWU National Assistant Secretary Michael Kaine


Thursday May 18

10.30am Safe Rates and road transport regulation in Korea, with representatives of Korean transport unions

11.20am Australian signing of Global Toll Charter

1pm The Future of Work discussion. Daniel Walton, National Secretary AWU, Thomas Costa, Assistant Secretary Unions NSW, Scott Connolly, Assistant Secretary ACTU,

3.05pm speech by Michael Quinlan, expert on workplace health and safety

3.15pm Building power for change: political responses. Tony Sheldon, Senator Glenn Sterle, Senator Alex Gallacher, Bob Katter MP, former Senator Sam Dastyari

7pm address by ALP deputy leader Tanya Plibersek

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