July 17, 2022


One month after Qantas failed to overturn a Federal Court decision that it illegally sacked and outsourced nearly 2000 ground and baggage crew, the person held responsible for the decision by the court, CEO of Qantas Domestic and International Andrew David was awarded over $1.1 million worth of shares.

Andrew David was one of four Qantas executives to receive securities each worth between $900,000 and $1.2 million, reported to the ASX on 10 June. The bonuses are to be paid out in August 2023 under the conditions of the retention and recovery plan.

Andrew David, who, along with Alan Joyce is a member of the powerful internal Qantas Group Management Committee, was installed as CEO of Qantas Domestic and International – functions previously covered by Joyce – just weeks before the illegal decision was made.

Jetstar CEO Gareth Evans – a key contender to succeed Joyce as Qantas CEO and another recipient of a $1.2 million bonus – announced his resignation with no explanation two weeks after the bonuses were awarded, on 24 June.

Qantas management has refused to reinstate the highly trained and experienced workers it illegally outsourced despite the chaos at airports with lost baggage, long delays and cancellations.

Illegally sacked workers have not yet received any compensation and many are struggling. A recent TWU survey revealed around half remain unemployed or are relying on casual work. A third have developed a mental health condition, and one in ten said they’ve experienced suicidal thoughts.

Several outsourced workers with more than 20 years’ experience have applied to multiple airport jobs but have been rejected without explanation, raising suspicions of blacklisting.

TWU National Secretary Michael Kaine said Andrew David’s million-dollar reward rubs salt into the deep wounds inflicted upon illegally sacked workers.

“This is the epitome of management under Alan Joyce. Qantas’ performance has plummeted following the illegal sackings of nearly 2000 skilled ground workers. One month after a second Federal Court ruling that the outsourcing broke the law, the person the court found responsible for the illegal decision Andrew David was awarded a bonus over $1.1 million when he should have been sacked.

“This is a sickening betrayal to illegally sacked workers, disrupted passengers, and Australian taxpayers whose support propped up the airline while executives made cruel decisions that destroyed lives.

“Qantas executives have turned a once cherished airline into a national disgrace, and Alan Joyce is paying out rewards.

“Just two weeks after these bonuses were posted, Qantas announced the sudden unexplained departure of Jetstar CEO Gareth Evans alongside what can only be seen as a bribe to pressure workers to accept wage freezes and substandard conditions. Qantas under Joyce is stuck on repeat: overpay executives smashing wages, conditions, standards and service while hardworking families are attacked. The cycle won’t be broken until Qantas is rid of Alan Joyce.

“These out-of-control bonus schemes exist because of the catastrophic power imbalance in aviation which will only be fixed by enforcing standards through a Safe and Secure Skies Commission.”

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