August 19, 2016

Mascot Tanker Flip Shows Industry On Edge

While full details of the incident are still to emerge, Police have said they are still considering if fatigue was a contributing factor but believe the driver, who it’s understood was delivering to a service station retailer, took the corner at speed.


TWU National Secretary Tony Sheldon commended the work of emergency services for their quick response to the incident, ensuring it didn’t escalate into a massive safety and environmental disaster by containing all but 300litres of fuel.


“Luckily no one was injured in this incident, but we’ve seen this isn’t always the case. You need only mention the name ‘Mona Vale’ to evoke images of the fiery inferno that tragically took two lives in 2013,” said Mr Sheldon.


“The reality is we have some very large, heavy and potentially lethal vehicles on our roads with frankly inadequate oversight over the conditions under which those vehicles are operating.”


Speaking of the former Road Safety Remuneration Tribunal Mr Sheldon said: “We had a system in place which was investigating conditions in the fuel sector as recently as February this year. The TWU was contributing to that investigation and had called for improved training and supply chain responsibility to ensure tanker drivers were not put under pressure to speed to meet delivery deadlines.


 “While the TWU was working to improve the industry, those with a vested interest in big business like NatRoad and the Australian Trucking Association waged a campaign without any factual evidence to bring about the Tribunal’s demise.


“Now we have Small Business Ombudsman Kate Carnell running around the country desperately drumming up an inquiry to justify her opposition to a Tribunal that was investigating and making decisions to improve safety and conditions in road transport.


“The TWU and our members will not stop until a national Safe Rates System is re-established. Today’s incident was not fatal, but tragically it does not mean the next one won’t be. It’s transport workers and Australian road users who pay the price for the greed of big business that put pressure on our industry. A Safe Rates System is the only solution to ensure this changes.”

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