May 13, 2020


Dnata workers are making final pleas to politicians in Federal Parliament to support a disallowance motion up for vote today which would allow them to get the vital Jobkeeper Payment.

Senator Tony Sheldon will move the motion this afternoon with Dnata workers hoping that politicians across the political divide will support it.

TWU National Secretary Michael Kaine appealed to Federal politicians to listen to Dnata workers.

“Dnata workers are ringing their Federal MPs and Senators urging them to support this motion because their families depend on it. We have workers who are struggling to pay bills, struggling to get medical supplies for their kids, eating whatever tinned food they have in their house to avoid buying groceries. They have been weeks without pay now and many fear they won’t even qualify for Jobseeker. They are Australian workers who pay their taxes and feel very let down,” said Kaine.

“Since the election, this Senate has shown itself to be a fiercely independent house of review and once again it can use its power to fix these unintended consequences and support Australian jobs. This is exactly what the Senate is supposed to do. If something slips through the cracks that needs to be fixed the Senate is there to do the job. Thousands of hard-working Aussies depend on the Senate fulfilling its role today and we know politicians on the Federal Government benches also want to see this issue fixed. Through no fault of their own, the planes stopped and work dried up at the airport for Dnata workers. These workers are awaiting the Senate’s move today,” Kaine added.

Dnata informed its workers last week it was ineligible for Jobkeeper because of last changes to the rules which preclude foreign government owned companies from accessing the payment.

The TWU is calling on the Federal Government to implement a national plan for aviation which would ensure the survival of two strong airlines in Australia, good jobs and a reliable and affordable service for the travelling public.

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