January 2, 2019


On Friday the TWU wrote to Minister O’Dwyer (below) demanding that the Government steps up to support the workers and fast tracks the Fair Entitlements Guarantee (FEG) payments or, at the very least, ensure an interim payment is made to them prior to Christmas to assist workers and their families during this stressful and uncertain time.

The Government’s commitment stopped short of promising claims would be considered prior to the reopening of the Department of Jobs on the 2nd January.


“Today was supposed to be payday for hundreds of Redstar Transport workers, but instead they are ending the year not knowing when they will next receive a wage or any work entitlements. It will be a relief to know that the Government has committed to prioritising their entitlement claims. But it’s a real shame the Government is still waiting until the New Year to begin the process. The workers are without their wages as of today, every day the Government makes them wait is a day they have to spend hard earned savings or find other means for feeding their families,” TWU National Secretary Michael Kaine said.


The TWU is continuing to work with other operators to get assurances of job opportunities elsewhere. So far, the TWU has received a commitment from Toll as well as Linfox and ACFS. Redstar Transport workers are encouraged to contact their local TWU branch. 

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