November 3, 2021


FedEx workers plan to hold rolling 4-hour stop-work actions across the country from Monday next week if the company does not come back to the table and provide a fair agreement offer.

Late yesterday, workers notified the company of stoppages across NSW and Queensland to take place on Monday. More actions are planned across other states in the following days unless FedEx resumes the constructive talks that were leading to an agreement being reached.

Talks have not resumed since negotiations broke down on 21st October when FedEx rolled back progression towards reaching an agreement with an eleventh-hour attempt to change its terms.

The rank-and-file negotiating committee has reported a noticeable shift in tactics from the company influenced by bosses overseas, including threats to revoke commitments made over the last six months of negotiations on job security, pay and conditions.

FedEx workers transport items for wealthy retail giants like Amazon, Apple, and Sony. Profits doubled for all three companies during the pandemic, into the multi-billions. Apple and Amazon are two of the five highest-valued companies in the world.

In June, FedEx reported record profits over US$5 billion.

FedEx workers are calling on the major transport operator to work cooperatively and finalise a fair agreement that secures their future and repays their restraint throughout the pandemic.

TWU National Secretary Michael Kaine said FedEx’s games are hurting workers, businesses and the public.

“In 2020, FedEx made over $18 million a day off the backs of transport workers. It is nothing but callous ideology driving FedEx to deny workers the recognition and job security they deserve.

“Workers are bravely standing up to an international juggernaut attempting to steamroll and revoke commitments that were made with worker representatives at the bargaining table over six months. Their aim is clear. It is to stand over workers and swindle them out of what they’re owed.

“Shots are being called from America over jobs on Australian soil. This is what happens when the Federal Government stands aside while global behemoths import suppression tactics to our industrial system. Workers are forced to take protected industrial action to fight for job security and a fair go,” he said.

Previously in America, FedEx has spent over $1 million (AUD) on a union-busting campaign when workers tried to achieve parity with UPS workers.

FedEx and StarTrack have proven to be outliers fighting ideological battles after six other transport companies settled in-principle agreements which protect jobs, pay and conditions into the future.

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