April 24, 2020


The Transport Workers’ Union has appealed to the Federal Government to ensure the interests of Virgin workers, who are owed almost half a billion dollars, are protected.

TWU National Secretary Michael Kaine said unions were working closely together to ensure the voice of workers was heard during the process and that their interests were protected but that the time had come for the Federal Government to devise a plan.

“The TWU has worked in close cooperation with other unions, with Virgin and with the administrators to ensure the best possible outcome for the thousands of workers with a massive stake in this company. Workers are one of the most important voices in this process and they have the most to lose if a successful rescue plan for Virgin is not created. Their families and their futures depend on every party getting this right,” Kaine said.

“The longer the Federal Government takes to make a decision the more this will potentially come down to haggling between private equity companies many of who have a track record of slicing and dicing companies. I would urge the Federal Government to think about the plight of the Virgin workers and to step in with a plan for the aviation industry. As creditors, workers want to see a workable solution that will protect the company and ensure jobs are saved. It’s been several days since Virgin went into administration and all we have heard is what the Government won’t do, not what it will do. This is not the kind of leadership Virgin workers need right now,” Kaine said.

Workers and unions are meeting regularly with the company and the administrators to ensure the process is fair and transparent. Workers are finalising proxies among their unions to ensure a coordinated voice during voting. Final nominations for proxies are due by Tuesday with the first creditors meeting will be held on Thursday.

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