May 17, 2018


TWU National Secretary Tony Sheldon said: “It is appalling that Deliveroo are celebrating making money out of exploiting thousands of delivery riders. It shows how out of touch they are. This announcement comes as Deliveroo is slashing the pay of these riders.


“The share bonus is about incentivising exploitation. Not only are some of these senior managers paid millions of dollars they are now being encouraged to develop new ways of exploiting riders struggling to put food on the table and pay their bills.


“Deliveroo has become the post-child for the jackboot of corporate greed, with its foot on the throat of thousands of riders while they pocket the money.


“Deliveroo riders literally carry the company on their backs. This announcement comes at the end of a line of many benefits and protections the company choses to deny these workers, including superannuation, minimum rates, sick pay, annual leave and the right to challenge unfair sackings.


“Like an old fashioned 19th century business it neglects the many and rewards the few proving that the on-demand economy is nothing new or innovative. It’s just plain old exploitation.”

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