April 2, 2020

Welcome to the TWU!

Welcome to our mighty union.

This is a crucial time to be part of the union fighting for workers’ rights in transport. We’re stronger together.

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The Transport Workers’ Union is the largest collective voice for the men and women that keep Australia moving. Together, we lead the fight for a fairer transport industry and safety for all who share the roads and the skies. 

Throughout all states, across all sectors, we’re united in our fight to raise standards for all transport workers.

  • Improving pay and working conditions

Our union-negotiated Enterprise Agreements deliver 10-30% above the relevant award rates plus a suite of excellent benefits like TWUSuper, with rates of up to 14.75%.

  • Making workplaces safer

We investigate and call out safety breaches at companies, and campaign for better safety throughout the transport industry.

Many of our members are Health and Safety Representatives (HSR) and together we work to make sure safety laws and guidelines are complied with.

Contact your branch if you’re interested in becoming a HSR or have a workplace health and safety question or concern.

  • Giving transport workers a powerful voice

When we stand together as one strong force, we win. TWU members are united across all sectors of transport to raise standards in our industry and keep workers and the public safe.


Stronger together

The coronavirus outbreak has shown us exactly why we need to stick together. We are seeing many cases of workers bearing the brunt for this crisis, especially with corporate bullies like Qantas leading the way by disciplining workers for raising safety concerns, standing down 20,000 workers the day after receiving millions in government subsidies and failing to protect workers from becoming infected. There are many more companies that if left alone will do the wrong thing by workers time and time again.

But when we stand together, we win.

We were the first to call for wage subsidies from the Federal Government in early March, something they said would never happen. We pushed on, and other unions and workers joined the fight. Now we have a system that means millions of workers will receive a minimum subsidy, and we continue to fight to ensure no worker is left behind, superannuation is included and leave entitlements are reimbursed.

This is the collective power we need for all of our fights for workers’ rights, especially when the industry returns to full health.


What you can do

A union is only as strong as its members. To get the best out of the TWU, it’s important to be an active member. That can mean talking to your workmates about why you joined, attending union meetings, regularly talking to your delegate to get the latest news or report a workplace issue, taking part in actions, and engaging with us online. When members are active, they get the best outcomes.

For now:

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Transport workers are fighting for a fairer, safer industry. Join them today and secure your future.

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