December 6, 2023

Workplace Hero: Theo wins against Qantas’ attack

In the first-ever prosecution of its kind, Qantas has been found guilty with criminal charges for targeting and standing down HSR Theo Seremetidis at the start of the pandemic.

This is a massive win for every worker in Australia.

Thanks to everyone who stood behind Theo who bravely fought against Australia’s worst corporate bully, Qantas.


Why this win is so important

The safety regulator’s prosecution of Qantas‘ success sends a clear sign about workplace health and safety across Australia – no employer has the right to discriminate against an HSR or discipline them for exercising their functions under the WHS Act.

HSRs exercising their powers and functions are a crucial part of maintaining a safe workplace.

Trained HSRs have the right to:

  • Inspect your workplace
  • Meet with workers about safety issues
  • Issue provisional improvement notices
  • Request the assistance of another person e.g. union representative or an inspector from the regulating body
  • Protect workers by directing them to cease unsafe work

By standing down Theo, Qantas again showed its utter disregard for workers’ safety and their legal rights.

Watch Theo’s story:

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