July 2, 2021

Vaccines for aviation workers

Frontline aviation workers are essential workers and should be in the highest priority category of people who are able to access the vaccine.

We know that vaccinations, along with safety protocols and PPE, are the most effective way to protect aviation workers from contracting covid and spreading it to their families, households and communities. That’s why the TWU is demanding the Federal Government ensures all aviation workers are immediately added to eligibility lists in every state.

There are critical gaps in aviation biosecurity which have proven to put aviation workers, their families and passengers at risk, and cause more snap lockdowns and border closures.

The answer isn’t to punish workers who are not vaccinated through mandatory measures, but to ensure all aviation workers have priority access, the right information and advice, and appropriate leave provisions including paid pandemic leave for those who test positive or have to isolate.

Rapid pre-flight testing for passengers and flight crew is another important safety measure which alongside priority access to vaccines will close the loop to significantly reduce the risk of exposure.

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