November 12, 2020





The Transport Workers Union and the Association representing Virgin Australia Group pilots (VIPA), are preparing to sign a memorandum of understanding with the intention of moving towards amalgamation.


The move will kick-off talks on details on formalising the relationship between both unions over the coming weeks.


TWU National Secretary Michael Kaine said an amalgamation would ensure the best outcome for members of both unions.


“The TWU and VIPA worked very well together during these past few months to get Virgin back on track after it went into administration. Our common aim has been to help make Virgin the strong second airline again that Australia needs. We know that the way to do this is through Virgin’s dedicated and well trained workforce. By coming together we can make a strong case for high standards and work to protect the interests of those who matter most: Virgin workers and the travelling public,” Kaine said.


“It is vital there is a plan and a pathway out of the pandemic crisis for the aviation industry. The Federal Government is failing to do this but workers in TWU and VIPA are pushing ahead to make it happen,” he added.


President of the Association for Virgin Australia Group Pilots John Lyons said an amalgamation would bring workers together to fight for Virgin’s future.


“The TWU and VIPA have clear common interests and it makes sense to stand together formally to push for Virgin’s future. We have stood together during the administration process and in holding the new owners to account. We have jointly made the case to the Federal Government that they need to do more to support Virgin and the rest of the aviation industry,” Lyons said.


“An amalgamation would allow us to develop and deepen this cooperation and to fight for one of Australia’s most important industries. The Australian economy depends on a robust aviation industry and we intend to push for its survival,” Lyons said.


This week the Senate passed a motion setting up an inquiry into the future of the aviation industry. It is expected to look at Government and industry failings to date and set out recommendations for support into the future.



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