June 6, 2022

Eyewatering fuel costs shows why truckies need an independent tribunal

Faced with skyrocketing fuel prices, the former Morrison Government slashed the fuel excise in half for all motorists. At the same time, it sneakily removed a rebate system which helped truckies partially recoup their operating costs.


This means that when compared to previous arrangements, truckies are now only a measly four cents/litre better off!


What a slap in the face to the hardworking men and women who carried Australia through the pandemic, bushfires and floods.


Decades of research demonstrates the link between sustainable operating costs and income, and truckie safety. When truckies’ razor thin margins are smashed by rising operating costs, the pressure is on to speed, drive fatigued, overload and cut back on truck maintenance to make ends meet.


Truckies need support now. The incoming Albanese Government must urgently implement an independent body with the power to set enforceable standards – including for effective cost recovery for truck drivers.


Only by holding wealthy supermarkets, oil companies, manufacturers and retailers at the top of supply chains to account for truckies’ astronomical operating costs can we save transport lives and livelihoods.

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