September 1, 2020

Save Qantas Jobs

Qantas has announced it wants to axe and outsource 2,500 workers.

These workers are not being made redundant, they are being replaced with workers on lower conditions.

The pandemic has been very tough on airlines and aviation but what Qantas is doing is different: they are targeting this group of workers.

Here’s how you can help

  • Add your name to a letter to the Qantas board, urging them to reinstate workers: bit.ly/QantasJobsPetition
  • Post a photo of yourself with the solidarity sign on social media using #SaveQantasJobs
  • Post a short supporting video on social media (guide below) using #SaveQantasJobs

Here’s a guide to what you could say in your video:

I stand in solidarity with 2,500 Qantas workers and their families.

2,500 loyal workers who recently found out they are being replaced by cheap labour hire. 

Successive generations of Australians working at Qantas have done these jobs for 100 years.

Times are tough, especially in aviation. But this is no time to slash jobs.

We need good aviation jobs with decent rates.

We need our skilled, experienced workers ready to return Australia to the skies as soon as the country is ready.

I call on Qantas to reinstate these workers.

I call on the Prime Minister to support the aviation industry.

We need a national plan for aviation, and we need it now.

Please post your photo/video to social media using #SaveQantasJobs and/or send to twu@twu.com.au