May 1, 2024

Bonza administration - worker sign up

Aviation has suffered another loss, with new entrant Bonza falling into administration.

This is a difficult time for Bonza workers, but the TWU is here to help. The union has decades of experience working through administration processes to fight for the best outcome for workers as well as to help facilitate job opportunities elsewhere.

If you’re a Bonza worker, sign up for updates using the form on this page.

The TWU’s plan to rebuild aviation

  • We know that with such a volatile aviation industry, smaller carriers like Bonza struggle against Qantas and Virgin’s market dominance
  • Qantas in particular has led an industry race to the bottom on pay and conditions for workers, while paying executives millions
  • That’s why the TWU is calling for a Safe and Secure Skies Commission to protect all workers
  • This week aviation members around the country will meet to discuss our plan and how to make aviation better
  • Join the TWU to be a part of this collective aviation fight

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