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    7 News Cairns: Bus Drivers Protest for Fair Pay

    February 15

    (7 News Cairns, 14 Feb 2017) Bus drivers have protested outside the Cairns Translink office during another day of industrial action. The Transport Workers Union is pushing for Translink to provide more funding to Sunbus so Cairns drivers can be paid the same wages as their regional counterparts.

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    IKEA Christmas Solidarity Action

    December 22

    IKEA may make cheap, efficient products, but their work practices are making the lives of transport workers cheap - and unliveable. Join us to tell the company: All we want for Christmas is for IKEA to care about workers’ rights!

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    Win for QGS Workers

    December 12

    QGS aviation workers just won a new agreement. The deal gives much improved conditions for the 1,600 workers at QGS. Watch this video to see how and what QGS workers won!

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    Future of Worker

    December 09

    The nature of work is changing rapidly. On one hand, the jobs of the on-demand economy is becoming less secured with less protections. On the other hand, technology is being developed to replace the jobs we once thought only humans can do. Transport will be massively impacted. Watch this video to see how we can fight back for our rights and conditions.

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    CH10 MEL: Angry Bus Drivers Rally

    November 16

    (Ten Eyewitness News Melbourne, 15 Nov 2016) Angry bus drivers say they have had enough of being used as punching bags for the passengers they carry. After an increased number of assaults, they took to the steps of parliament to demand protection with 16 drivers being assaulted so far this year.

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    CH9 ADL: Truckies Speak Out after Fatal Crash

    November 08

    (9 News Adelaide, 7 Nov 2016) A deadly head on smash between two road trains in the state's west has prompted truckies to speak about being put under too much pressure.