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    Safes Rates Questions Answered

    June 22

    After the first of July, a national system of Safe Rates will become a reality.
    The Road Safety Remuneration Act 2012 is expected to improve the conditions of truck drivers.
    In this column Wayne Forno, TWU New South Wales Branch Secretary, answers a number of frequently asked questions about Safe Rates.

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    Forno pushes crackdown as 1st Fleet employee losses top $4m

    June 21

    The head of the NSW trucking union is pushing for a crackdown on companies that fall behind on superannuation payments, as employee losses from the demise of 1st Fleet top $4 million.

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    NZ Union Wants Safe Rates

    June 19

    A New Zealand union representing transport workers says the country needs to follow Australia’s lead in passing safe rates legislation to protect truck drivers.

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    Sky News Morning Agenda

    June 18

    Kelvin Thomson, Federal Labor Member for Wills, defending the Fair Work Act and the right of union members to take protected industrial action on Sky News Morning Agenda.

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    Our Fight is Your Fight: The TWU-Teamsters New Pact Born Out of Toll Battle

    June 15

    The globalized economy has shrunk our world linking workers across continents through the tentacles of major low-road retailers like Walmart and the popular apparel brands that line its shelves like Under Armour. As these corporate giants roam the planet to win the race to the bottom to squeeze more profits workers throughout the supply chain are often subjected to inhumane working conditions that have a destructive impact on their lives and their loved ones, whole communities and the environment.

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    TWU fights Qantas on crew

    June 11

    THE Transport Workers’ Union yesterday weighed into the foreign labour dispute, demanding the Gillard government prevent Qantas from hiring overseas flight attendants "for $400 a week".