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    Shorten challenges Qantas over job cuts 'tied to sharemarket jitters'

    August 10

    WORKPLACE Relations Minister Bill Shorten has questioned whether Qantas management is "needlessly scrapping" thousands of jobs in a short-term response to the sharemarket.

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    Drivers Walk Off

    August 01

    Bus drivers for a wellknown tour group will walk off the job tonight.

    Northern Territory News, Darwin

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    Retailers warned of unrealistic demands on truck drivers

    August 01

    Road safety investigators have warned major retailers such as Coles that they may end up before a court for placing unrealistic demands on transport companies and encouraging drivers to drive dangerously.

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    Bus drivers to walk off job over pay dispute

    July 31

    Central Australian bus drivers working for the tour company AAT Kings plan to walk off the job later this week over a pay dispute.

    By Allyson Horn, ABC Alice Springs

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    UPS, TNT see extended EC probe of $6.3B deal

    July 16

    United Parcel Service Inc. is bracing itself for a late delivery on its €5.16 billion ($6.29 billion) purchase of TNT Express NV because it expects European Commission regulators to open an extended review.

    by Renee Cordes, The Deal Pipeline, published July 16, 2012 at 8:43 AM

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    Coles and Toll must respect the right of workers to a secure job with decent conditions

    July 15

    Supermarket giant Coles must show respect for secure jobs for its entire workforce by helping to resolve a dispute at its distribution warehouse in Somerton, says the ACTU.

    Australian Council of Trade Unions, Sunday, 15 July 2012