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    Croc on A Plane

    September 25

    An FBI agent rescued passengers in Hollywood’s Snakes on a Plane, but it was a baggage handler who saved the day when a crocodile escaped on a Qantas flight.

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    Still No Bus Alarms

    September 20

    Frustrated drivers are still waiting for duress alarms to be installed on all Gold Coast buses more than 18 months after they were promised.

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    Unions vow to get tough in battle to protect jobs

    September 15

    AUSTRALIA'S most influential transport unions have pledged to use their alliances with overseas worker organisations to hamper plans to send jobs offshore and to limit job losses.

    By: Clay Lucas, Sydney Morning Herald

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    Screeners Threaten Strike at Adelaide Airport

    September 11

    Passengers at Adelaide Airport could be facing disruptions from next week if security screeners follow through on their threat to strike.

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    WA Court Guards Say Strike Could Continue

    September 10

    Striking security guards at Perth courts have warned industrial action will continue if they can't reach an acceptable employment agreement with G4S.

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    Alan Joyce the wrong man for Qantas's top job, says John Singleton

    September 07

    Advertising man John Singleton rained on Qantas chief executive Alan Joyce's parade yesterday, claiming there was a "crisis of management" at the national carrier on the day it unveiled a major alliance with Middle Eastern powerhouse Emirates Airlines.