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    Unions unite against New Zealand trade ties

    October 30

    UNIONS have launched a rearguard action against proposals for a new round of trade liberalisation between Australia and New Zealand that will slash tariffs, loosen restrictions on trans-Tasman direct investment and review the foreign ownership caps on Qantas and Air New Zealand.

    By Annabel Hepworth, The Australian, 30 October 2012

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    ‘Safe rates’ legislation needed in New Zealand also

    October 26

    A law change is needed to stop unsafe practises by truck drivers on New Zealand’s roads, the drivers’ union said today, ahead of a special briefing later this morning on new legislation protecting Australian drivers.

    First Union Media Release

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    'P*ssed off' Kruger faces angry unions at Toll AGM

    October 26

    Union officials have used Toll’s annual general meeting today to accuse the company of mistreating truck drivers, but Managing Director Brian Kruger has questioned the credibility of the accusations.

    By Ruza Zivkusic-Aftasi, Australasian Transport News, 26 October 2012

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    Toll, Teamsters hearing set for December 10

    October 24

    Toll’s United States operation will front the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) next month to answer accusations it spied on and threatened workers with union sympathies.

    By Brad Gardner, Australasian Transport News, 24 October 2012

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    Emirates fined $10m for cartel

    October 13

    Emirates has been penalised $10 million for its part in a global air-freight cartel, taking the total amount airlines - including Qantas - have been fined in Australia for the illegal activity to $68 million.

    Matt O'Sullivan, Sydney Morning Herald

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    Signing up for Cheaper Arcraft

    October 12

    Joining the Cape Town Convention means a good deal for local airlines. Australian airlines are set to benefit from a move by the federal government to sign the Cape Town Convention covering the international movement of aircraft.